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We are a national charity registered with the Charity Commission specialising in the grant of Emergency Crisis Grants during times of acute financial stress, to the parents and carers of children with terminal or chronic illness or disability.

We will make crisis grants to provide much need relief for a wide ranging group of needs, such as travel expenses to and from hospital appointments to the alleviation of the threat of utility disconnection or restriction (sadly a growing area of distress) and also for the supply of items of specialised equipment.

Our unique feature is the ability of grantees to apply and obtain approval quickly and with a minimum of bureaucratic formalities for small grants at times of crisis. This enables us to focus assistance on those in extreme distress in a timely and efficient way.

From our experience the ability to transform a perceived hopeless situation to one of swift resolution has an extraordinarily beneficial effect on those affected; far more than the often relatively small sums of money involved.
It is further reinforced by the assurance that we continue to stand ready to assist further should the situation deteriorate again in the future. I wish I could precisely convey to you, in these words, the feeling of security this instils, but I am sure you can appreciate what this means to our grantees.

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For their continued support

Who We've Helped

Just some of the kids we've helped over the last few years

Gopal is 14 and suffers with Autism.  he also has scoliosis of the spine,(for which he must wear leg braces) and he can be a great concern to his Mother (who suffers with fybromilagia). Gopal is in need of constant care. He remains incontinent at night.

We were able to finance a much needed washing machine for Gopals family.

Abby turned 9 at the end of last year,she is always smiling and happy despite a diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities,severe global developmental delay,epilepsy and delayed feeding skills. At birth Abby had a cleft lip and pallet which was repaired at 11 months. Abby’s speech and language skills are severely delayed. She vocalises mainly using vowel sounds. She is learning to communicate with an ipad and speech App that is available to her at school. However when  she is at home  she does not have that facility.

We were able to finance an ipad with speech App,

Abigail and Finlay are twins and will be 6 this year. There is one minute between them and they were born at 28 weeks gestation . Abigail has cerebal palsy spastic dipleaga she attends a main stream school at the moment .At 14 months a MRI scan revealed Finlay has 60 percent brain damage and Hemiplegia and microphaly(a small head).Finlay’s parents were told he would never walk talk crawl or even sit. Finlay proved them all wrong and walks and talks however is extremely delayed .

We were able to help Abigail and Finlay’s Family(there are 5 siblings!) with a much needed piece of equipment that a large family could not do with out.

Alice was 5 in August 2013 and has many difficulties to overcome. Alice has chromosomal abnormalities, global development delay, a sleeping disorder and is incontinent. Alice also has a wide gait and is expected to have surgery on her hips in the future. Alice has a disabled pram and under goes physio regularly. The family are also awaiting results to confirm if Alice is Autistic.

We were able to offer  some financial help with some very pressing and stressful obligations the family had.


We hope this gives you some insight to the work we do. We receive requests from families weekly and mostly are genuine hardship cases with children with severe disabilities. We will be updating the website with some of this information shortly.

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Tel: 0208 215 2743
Tel: 0208 215 2743
26 Wansford Road, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 7AA

Registered UK Charity: 1147730